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My name is Jose D. Riquelme,
I am a Landscape Photographer.

José D. Riquelme, a landscape photographer born in Murcia, Spain, channels his more than 20 years of experience in graphic design and printing into his captivating photographs of landscapes and night scenes. His remarkable skill and dedication have earned him numerous international awards and recognitions, including the prestigious title of "Photographer of the Year 2021 and recently in 2023" in the night category of the 35Awards with an average participation of 120,000 photographers. In addition, he has been awarded as the nature/landscape winner and photographer of the year in the Spy Pano Awards 2023, consolidating his position as a reference in landscape photography worldwide.

José has received four consecutive gold medals at the "Trierenberg Super Circuit" in Vienna, an achievement that highlights his excellence and consistency in the quality of his work. His outstanding artistic recognition at the "Siena International Photo Awards" and the winning of gold medals, as well as multiple silver medals at the Pano Epson Awards, underline his versatility and mastery in different competitions of international renown.

As a finalist and placing third at the Xposure International Photography Festival in the United Arab Emirates, Jose has demonstrated his ability to excel in competitive global settings. Winner of the International Landscape Photographer of the Year's "Amazing Clouds" award and with multiple photographs in the top 100 several years in a row, his work has been recognized for its visual impact and creativity.

José's work has transcended the boundaries of competition photography, being featured in renowned publications such as National Geographic, Forbes magazine, BBC, El País, Dailymail, among others. His ability to capture the essence of nature and transmit it through his images has earned him a prominent place in the editorial field.

Currently, José teaches workshops and conducts photographic tours in different parts of the world, sharing his passion and knowledge with other photography lovers. His contribution to the art of landscape photography and his continued success on the international scene position him as a reference and source of inspiration for the photographic community.

Consecutive Gold Medals in TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT
Consecutive years among the top 3 landscape and nightscape photographers in the 35awards with an average participation of 120,000 people.
Photographs in the top 101 of International Landscape Photographer of the Year

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