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They'll help you improve your processing.

More and more happy to have bought the tutorials. Whether you have a defined workflow or are still looking for one, they will help you improve processing or start developing one you can feel comfortable with. It is very interesting to see how with a simple workflow and some concepts of light and color, you can get photographs with a great visual impact, very careful and with bright colors that transport you to the place where they were taken.

David Estevez


They're a wonder

I have been lucky enough to attend two of his workshops and enjoy these masterclasses, they are a marvel.
A workflow, from the raw to the final exported image. Simple, very well explained and effective.
Without a doubt it provides a lot of very useful techniques that will help you find your own style for your photographs.

Manuel Hernandez


It will be a before and after in your photographs

José D. Riquelme's work is impressive and essential if you want to find a definitive change in your workflow. It will be a before and after in your photographs with spectacular results from the first application with this system of processing in the disciplines of landscape, night, city.

Ramon Morcillo


Recommended at 200%.

I am fascinated by its practicality when it comes to taking pictures. You have to capture the moment as quickly as possible. Then, with the processing, we will get the sensitivity we want to transmit. Since I have known him, personally, in his tutorials and workshops, he has taught me that photography is not only the moment to shoot. He has a practical and simple workflow with spectacular results. Recommended at 200%.

Salvador Garillan


Original and spectacular

Now I have discovered a simple, very original and spectacular method of editing panoramas. José David is an artist at it and he transmits it in a pleasant and simple way. Very, very recommendable.

Raphael Martin


My technique has improved a lot since I took one of your courses

José Riquelme's courses are highly recommended! My technique has improved a lot since I did one of his courses, they are enjoyable and you can understand very well what he explains and how he does it. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge

Sergio Arteaga


It will mark a before and after on your picture.

David's tutorials are a simple and orderly way to take your processing skills to the next level and even change the way you think about landscape photography. His way of explaining it makes these videos I can recommend them even for photographers who are just starting out and want to take a leap forward in their knowledge. I certainly think that any of these tutorials will mark a before and after in your landscape photography, whether it is night or day.

Antonio Carrillo


The good news is that your recommendations can be applied to any photograph

Jose shows you step by step how easy editing a good shot can be, if you follow an order and have control of what you do and where you want to go. The good thing is that his recommendations can be applied to any photograph. I recommend 100% the pack of the 4 videos

Jose Luis Martinez


The best investment I've ever made in photography

Best investment I ever made in photography. Tutorials covering various processes and how to develop them to achieve that incredible final image. Very clear and explained step by step and in detail that make them simple, even having basic knowledge of Photoshop, as is my case. Application of advanced techniques, meticulously explained how and why they should be used and the effect it produces on the final result.

Alfredo Figueroa Fernandez.


Easy to follow and with spectacular results

A great training, easy to follow and with spectacular results. The method followed is very practical, simple and effective. It has allowed me to understand the world of panoramas much better and to focus on the really important details. Those images that seemed impossible have become feasible. I have done other courses and without a doubt this one has given me a lot, very recommendable!

Hector Ballester


I took a quantum leap in editing my photos

Since I met José D. Riquelme in one of his workshops, and then in subsequent workshops and especially with his video tutorials, I made a huge qualitative leap in editing my photos. Not only I take away the fear of Photoshop with its super simple workflows, he taught me to "SEE" the photo in my head, to decide about, composition, light, color,....

Alejandro Escribano

Gives amazing results

After much wandering and traveling to the workshops of the most prestigious photographers in Spain and internationally, I discovered by chance an announcement on social networks to attend a workshop in Yeste and taught by Jose D. Riquelme, which I had never heard of. Well, that was the beginning of the progression in my photographs. Thank you very much Jose for sharing all your knowledge in such a clear and unreserved way.

Miguel Angel Calzadilla


Now my photographs fill me with joy!

I've been taking pictures since 2011! I got stuck editing my photos and thought about quitting, but I saw a link to a Jose D. tutorial. Riquelme where I saw the light, I decided to buy his tutorials! And magic, I felt attracted again I'm learning a lot thanks to him! A complete tutorial and with many things that I never thought could be done now my pictures fill me with joy! Thank you for making me excited again about the passion that photography gives me.

Jorge Gonzales Mallorquin

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